Barre Guards

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Protect your barre, yourself, and others with Barre Guard™!

The Barre Guard™ is a convenient, dual-purpose protective device for use in dance studios. Whether in a dance or fitness class, Barre Guard™ assures students that their barre space is their own, and assures studio owners that each student maintains her distance from others, while maintaining a clean and hygienic space.

Depending upon the space each dancer needs, Barre Guard™ comes in three lengths, and attaches easily to standard ballet barres with a zipper, as well as ties for the two largest sizes. The stretch material allows for the Barre Guard™ to fit all standard barre diameters, and the ties allow for proper application while avoiding barre support brackets or legs. Each Barre Guard™ comes with a matching drawstring bag for transport that can be easily tied to the barre while the Barre Guard™ is in use.

Recommended: Barre Guard™ is best used in studio environments with several students, with each student bringing her own guard. Students should be instructed to only utilize the space occupied by their barre guard to ensure appropriate social distancing and help manage studio cleanliness. 

To use: Step 1: Bring your Barre Guard™ to class and attach to the barre before beginning any exercises. Step 2: Dance!

Material: Microfiber 

Care instructions: The Barre Guard™ should be washed after each use. Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not bleach, hang to dry

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